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This time [ 2nd Time I have converted IBlues Wordpress theme to blogger template, A simple template ideal For Technology blogs. It has a Big Header image and a featured content slider   With in build Rss feed subscription option and 125*125 4 advertising option  . Here is a screen shot of it   


                          Demo Here | Download Here [158 kb images included]


  • Web 2.0 Layout
  • Featured Content Glider
  • Right Sidebar
  • 2 Columns
  • Fixed Width
  • Right Sidebar
  • WP Themes Converted to Blogger



Template name: IBlues
Orginal Template Author: Zinruss , Found on http://topwpthemes.com/i-blues/
Template Converter: AC Blogger Templates 
Column: 2.
Navigation Bar: Ready
Search Bar: Ready
Feature Content Section: Ready (as Featured-Content Glider) 
Ads Space: Yes

Customizing the Template

The Template can Be customized under the following basis:

1.The Images

First you will have to Upload the images to your own web host So that even if I may delete the images from my account your site images will be safe so First upload the images to your own web host like  Blogger , Flickr and so on.

After That you Need to find :


And replace it with your  name of web host.

2.The Search box and the Subscribe box

Search Box

To modify the Search Box you need to find :


And Replace it with your site name.

Subscription Box

To modify the Rss Subscription code you need to find

[Works Only if you use http://feedburner.com and have email Subscription option enabled ]


And have to change it with the your feed burner id can be found under e-mail subscriptions of feed Burner.

3. The Header and The Navigation Bar


Note: In the Header you have to modify this other wise your site name and description will not be visible

You need to search for

IBlues Blogger template


<!-- Please change the header -->

And Browse for " IBlues Blogger template " line 1247 and Change it with the title of your blog

To change the description you have to find " A blog themplate by Achute Sharma " Usually the line below the above title you will get this.

You need to change it with   the description of your blog.

The Navigation Bar

If you will notice that there are two navigation bar one above the header image and another below the Header image , I would suggest you to post your navigation link at the top like home,contact,about and your important categories in the bottom bar.

To change the above bar search for

<!-- begin Above header navigation --> 


<div id="topleft">

And add your links inside the " <ul id="menu"> "

To change the Below bar search for

<ul id="dcategory">

And add your category links there

4. To change the Featured content slider

FireShot capture #12 - 'IBlues Blogger template' - ibluesbloggertemplatedemo_blogspot_com

To change the title

To change the Featured content slider title look for

Themes of the week

And Change it with the name you want to show in the slider like Featured post and so on

To change the photos and the content

To change the photos and the content Look for <div class="glidecontent">

and change each three of the contents with your own code

To change the links

To change the links browse for <div id="p-select" class="glidecontenttoggler">

and change the link and the name of each glide content toggler .


Last But not the least try scanning through the whole code using notepad++ or some good editor and try to find http://feeds.feedburner.com/yourlink or yourwebhost and replace them with the appropriate code.

Over to you

If you can't do some modification , or have a problem please use the comment form below thanks.


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Hi, Every one this is my first template,
a conversion of My Personal Page template fromCsstemplatesmarket.com .

This Templates is ideal for Personal blogs.

Here is a screen shot below.

Demo | Download [142 Kb .rar format]

Column: 2
Type : Personal , Web 2.0
Gadget: Ready
Navigation Bar: Ready

Download [142 Kb .rar format]

Customizing IT :

First the Photos :

Please Upload the images[ can be found with the xml ] to your own web host like googlepages , flickr , and so on.

And do update the links.
Second the Photos of "My photos"
To Update the two photos you have to search for blogtemplate-photo1.gif and blogtemplate-photo2.gif
and change yourwebhost/blogtemplate-photo1.gif To the image location for your new photos

And change the # to the location.link where someone when click's will be taken to the page.

Third My friends List

To update this you need to find this
My friends
And have to modify this
href="http://www.yourfriendlink" title="frien site title">Friend's site name

in your template code.

Note: This is not an blog roll gadget , You can add a Blog roll gadget in from your layout tab.

Over to you:
I will be converting css templates[and wordpress ] to blogger templates if you do know any template/ theme which you liked it to be converted to blogger for free, then please drop a comment below or contact me at achutes(at)gmail.com Thanks.
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Hello world, I will me making / converting wordpress themes , css templates to blogger templates. And will be distributing them here in my blog for free. You can also visit Tech Geek Tricks My Blog on technology , computer tricks , internet tricks and so on.

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